think im gonna be on hiatus for a while

school and personal problems right now

thanks dudes


Selling Commissions!

Running low on spending cash for college and would appreciate reblogs!;; 

please feed me. laughs.


  • Headshot - $20 usd
  • Bust shot - $45 usd
  • Full Body - $70 usd

Cel Shaded

  • Headshot - $20 usd
  • Bust up - $35 usd
  • Full body - $50 usd


Please send commission info to the following email: saikoakarui (at) gmail (dot) com

Please include the following information:

  • Name:
  • Number of Characters:
  • Picture references:
  • Preferred poses (if any):
  • Additional notes: (if any)
  • Total Price:

ALL orders that total for 100+ will receive a FREE SKETCH

If you have any other questions feel free to ask me!

ah i’ve been working on this for so long and i really like how it came out aaaah

thank you to kurtchangart for commissioning me and helping me grow as an artist. c:

just a doodle of my unnamed OC who i draw on everything at this point

ah i do such a shit job at updating this tumblr aaaah

but anyways me and my friend Ania (songofhealing) are making a fashion blog as a personal project cause shes one of my besties for life but timezones and school keeping us apart so why not share our outfits cause she’s such a qt omggg<333

if that interests you at all, give us a follow at thatonecutefashionblog !

i miss life drawing


i went to the movies today and i looked like this

Oversized Black Shirt from TJ Maxx
Distressed Shorts from GUESS
Kimchi Blue Woven Ankle-Strap Sandal from Urban Outfitters
Sleepy Kitty Messenger Bag from Jinx Me
Madoka Button from ME when I open my Storenvy lol

sorry for being inactive its been a busy month and i havent been doodling but hey here’s another nameless OC ; v ;
had her in mind for a while
she sees demons and dead people with her eye which bums her out

gross hands gomen


brain: hands look like this

me: ok *draws*





brain: what the fuck

so i accidentally deleted the .psd file for this a long time ago and just again found the .png so yeah idk have this thing

me: I should draw something
me: [does absolutely nothing]

i drew yung lean sadboys2001 idk

oh hbd to u

wow this took long haha woops

i was experimenting on this a lot so ive never really done something like this before? i really hoped it turned out okay haha

for passerineart/petitepasserine ‘s contest! piper and i fighting off sins cause we’re super badass and shit. 

i would say im a sinner and i use a kusarigama. im super bad with light colors so i hope my outfit isnt so dark? 

i think my name would be seraphim sapienta? hm

this was fun though and i learned a lot, weeee.

hey guys!

sorry for the inactivity, i’ve been on vacation and it’s been hard to even squeeze in time to sketch!

my tablet is starting to die though so i was wondering whats the best one to buy at this time?

i have a bamboo rn because i have a laptop (living in LA apt during school) so its size is compatible with how much i gotta move! i would love a bigger one, but i usually go home to my boyfriend’s so i gotta lug my laptop around a lot.

suggestions? :S 

ok ok last drawing until  i fuck off to canada i stayed up until 4am for this i am so dead

its fukaboshi for the one piece collab on twitter yeeee i need more practice on guys