so i accidentally deleted the .psd file for this a long time ago and just again found the .png so yeah idk have this thing

me: I should draw something
me: [does absolutely nothing]

i drew yung lean sadboys2001 idk

oh hbd to u

wow this took long haha woops

i was experimenting on this a lot so ive never really done something like this before? i really hoped it turned out okay haha

for passerineart/petitepasserine ‘s contest! piper and i fighting off sins cause we’re super badass and shit. 

i would say im a sinner and i use a kusarigama. im super bad with light colors so i hope my outfit isnt so dark? 

i think my name would be seraphim sapienta? hm

this was fun though and i learned a lot, weeee.

hey guys!

sorry for the inactivity, i’ve been on vacation and it’s been hard to even squeeze in time to sketch!

my tablet is starting to die though so i was wondering whats the best one to buy at this time?

i have a bamboo rn because i have a laptop (living in LA apt during school) so its size is compatible with how much i gotta move! i would love a bigger one, but i usually go home to my boyfriend’s so i gotta lug my laptop around a lot.

suggestions? :S 

ok ok last drawing until  i fuck off to canada i stayed up until 4am for this i am so dead

its fukaboshi for the one piece collab on twitter yeeee i need more practice on guys

I just wanted to share my beautiful AX haul omg y A y and plug in artists i found!!

thejohnsu fenryk
n/a mirukupie saiko-akarui
jubopy jessicamao puccadraws sunflowerking 
mintyfreshmangos zeiva royalpeony

tysm aaaah go check them out!!

aaaa i was so caught up with my temporary permit that i forgot to even register for a longer one! before i sell anything, let me quickly register for one and yea woops <3 sorry for anyone who placed order and ty because thats what notified me!

ill be closing the store for now, but if the people i msged would like the stickers now, feel free to msg me c:

im doing commissions and tomorrow will be the last day for AX so come by and grab some at K12 xoxo

i rarely do traditional as much, but i made this for my friend!! her OC is so cool c:

if anyone is going to AX, this is the display! we’re at K12 and we’ll be here all weekend so come by and say hi!!:D

everyone has been posting their WIPs for petitepasserine's/passerineart's contest so i think i will too? haha, jumping the bandwagon.

using this contest entry to practice a lot of new things. c: 

if you have any CC, please feel free to mention them!

off to get ready for anime expo!! visit me at K12 guys

Sweet, thanks a lot! That was the look I was going for since the rightie is a melee fighter. :)
I might make the leftie a lil shorter hmmm we shall see!

hey guys! just wondering if these two bodies look proportionate to each other. its one of my struggles.


today was unproductive and i think im making this my new avatar somewhere